Register activities

To gain insight into the activities of a professional followed, the person who follows the professional registers the activities in Flow Time. Activities are registered at a predetermined moment, for example every 60 seconds. The activities are recorded in a measurement profile before the measurement starts.


During the measurement, the follower records every interruption during the measurement in Flow Time. The follower estimates who interrupted, why this happened and whether the interruption was necessary. By collecting this data, Flow Time can paint a picture of the interruptions in the report. For example, when these occurred most frequently during the day and who interrupted most often.


If during the measurement the follower notices something that is not directly related to the activity of the professional, he can register an observation. An observation is categorized on the basis of the intended measurement profile and linked to the moment at which it is entered.

Measurement profiles flow time

Measurement profiles

The measurement profile is the basis of the measurements. Before the measuring is started, the choice is made for a measurement profile. This specifies which process is followed. Herein the activities, interruptions and observations that can be registered are determined.

  • Flow Time has a wide range of standardized measurement profiles based on care processes. For example, to follow a nurse or doctor in a hospital ward.
  • It is possible to set measurement profiles yourself, which can be used to follow almost any process with Flow Time.


After the measurement, a report is immediately available. This report provides insight into the activity of the professional followed during the measurement and is the basis for getting started with an improvement process in the team or in the department.

The report provides insight into:

  • How the time distribution of the professional followed is.
  • How often the professional is interrupted, by whom and why.
  • How much time there was for direct care.

These insights are available both for the measurement and for all measurements made within the organization. We use Business Intelligence solutions for this.

And so it serves as the basis for the conversation with the professional and his team about the improvements. The report can also be downloaded as a PDF.

Reporting- Flow Time


Flow Time is available immediately without the need for complicated configuration or installation. Almost every mobile device or computer is suitable. Measurement can be started immediately. All functionalities can be set by the organization itself.

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