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Work safer

more time for care

Avoid unnecessary interruptions

How effective are the COVID-19 measures in your organisation?

With the Flow Time Safety Check you map the effectivity of your safety measures and it helps you discover bottlenecks.


Safer care, less waste, more joy.

Health care professionals are often not able to provide the best possible care. We can help them to improve, we teach them to become well organised. This will lead to safer and better care and it will boost joy at work.


Flow Time makes it incredibly easy to track activities and interruptions in work processes using Activity Follow measurements. You will immediately get insights and will be able to get started with improving processes.

Professionals will work safer, better and with more joy in providing care for their patients with Flow Time.

Professionals will experience more time for care, they will be interrupted less often and they will waste less time at avoidable distractions.

Health care organisations will be better aware of how their professionals spend their time. With this knowledge it is possible to facilitate professionals to improve their work.


“Time for direct care within our hospital went from 18% to 46% thanks to continuous improvement with Flow Time”


How does Flow Time work?

Flow Time is the platform to track processes using the Activity Follow method. With Flow Time, health care professionals track each other at work. Using the application, the follower will register the activities of the tracked colleague. Before getting started they select a measurement profile in which the work process that will be tracked is recorded.

Besides activities, the follower will register any interruptions, waste and relevant observations. After completing the measurement, the results will be available immediately in the application.

The goal of the measurement.

Determine the goal and choose a measurement profile that will help with getting the desired overview. Then start shadowing.

  • A lot of measurement profiles are available by default. You can also create and edit your own easily.

  • Using this method one professional will shadow the other for a certain period (often a shift or working day).

Follow a colleague

Analyse the outcomes.

After every measurement a report will be available immediately. Discuss the highlights of this report together in light of the goals set.

  • In the platform, results from other wards and the entire organisation will also be available for analysis.

  • Discuss the outcomes with each other and use them in the next step.

Evaluate the insight

Develop new ideas to improve.

Using our methodology for analysing the measurement results, you get insights in to waste in your process and how to optimize efficiency.

  • We provide quick-win modules with an improvement technique for often encountered situations.

  • You can make use of standard approaches such as Lean and Prisma.

New solutions

Introduce improvements.

The introduction of improvements is the next step. Employ the experience available within your organisation, or ours.

  • We have many tips on how you can introduce and maintain improvements. These are based on the many improvement programmes that our colleagues have executed in the past years. They are available to the users of Flow Time.

Work with the solutions

Measure again and evaluate.

After introducing an improvement, you execute a follow-up measurement. This allows you to discover whether it works in practice.

  • We often see that multiple measurements are executed to determine the effect of an improvement.

  • Every measurement will provide new inspiration to address a new question.

Evaluate the impact

Interested in Flow Time?

Feel free to contact us to discuss the opportunities for your organisation. We are always curious about your situation and discovering how Flow Time can help your organisation being more effective.



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